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Substrata is a powerful and free metaverse. Chat with other users, race motorcycles against them, or explore places that other users have created.

Want to build something in the main world? Land parcels in Substrata are for sale. You can optionally sell and trade your land as Ethereum NFTs.

Substrata is almost completely open-source, check out the source code on GitHub here.

Read about our goals and plans for Substrata

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Running your own Substrata server


To explore Substrata you will need to install the free client software for your platform:

Windows - Substrata_v1.2.19_Setup.exe

MacOS - Substrata_v1.2.19_x64.pkg

Linux - Substrata_v1.2.19.tar.gz

Latest News

See all news or find us on Twitter/X: @SubstrataVr

Buy a land parcel

€1695.60 / 0.028 BTC / 0.58 ETH
€1625.36 / 0.026 BTC / 0.55 ETH
€434.42 / 0.0070 BTC / 0.15 ETH

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