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Substrata is a multi-user cyberspace/metaverse. Chat with other users or explore objects and places that other users have created.
You can create a free user account and add objects to the world as well!

Land parcels in Substrata are for sale, and can be minted as Ethereum NFTs.

Substrata is early in development, please expect rough edges!

Read about our goals and plans for Substrata

Read general question and answers about Substrata


To explore Substrata you will need to install the free client software for your platform:

Windows - Substrata_v0.98.4_Setup.exe

MacOS - Substrata_v0.98.4.pkg

Linux - Substrata_v0.98.4.tar.gz

Buy a land parcel

Sorry, there are no parcels for sale here right now. Please check back later!

View all parcels for sale



Screenshots and Videos


Read about object scripting in Substrata.


We are currently embedding the CryptoVoxels world in Substrata, for testing and fun purposes!

To explore the CryptoVoxels world, just install and run Substrata, and then select from the menu bar:

Go > Go to CryptoVoxels World