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Substrata 1.2.20 Released

22 May 2024

Substrata 1.2.20 is now available.

This release adds Text object support, allowing you to quickly add some text to your builds.

We have also added a chat widget, that works in both the native/desktop client and the web client:

You can grab version 1.2.20 from the main page.

The webclient has been updated to 1.2.20 as well.

New Hillside district

13 Apr 2024

The new Hillside district has been created, and land parcels from it are available for sale!

This has been a long time in the making. I actually had to implement a complete terrain and water system for this. And to get realistic terrain I implemented a full erosion simulationđŸ˜…

These new land parcels are available for purchase via auction on the Substrata website: substrata.info/parcel_auction_list. There will be 1 hillside parcel available at a time. It's a reducing-price / clock auction. Minimum reserve/price is 100 EUR.

Why should you buy a parcel? To have the snazziest and best view in the metaverse, and to support the development of Substrata! đŸ™‡

Substrata goes open source

13 Apr 2024

Slightly old news, but worth repeating:

Substrata is now (almost entirely) open source!

You can find it on GitHub here: github.com/glaretechnologies/substrata, and Glare-core, which has a bunch of code including the 3d engine here: github.com/glaretechnologies/glare-core

The only thing that is not open-source is some of the Auction management and payment code. (Write your own! or ask me if you are interested)

Everything you need to build and run your own Substrata native client, Substrata webclient, and Substrata server is open source.

Contributions are very welcome! Come by the discord channel to discuss or to get involved, or if you have any questions.

New news feed

13 Apr 2024
Hi all, We have added a news feed to the Substrata website. Previously news was posted on Twitter/X, but not everyone uses that, and it won't show you much if you don't have an account. So from now on news will be posted both on Twitter/X and on the news feed on this website.